History Brewery

This is the story how we came to be

Kassiks Brew originated upon discovering our purpose in a world full of beers; to serve beer lovers an unforgettable beer. We got inspired during a beer binge journey as we toured the East Coast of the United States.

We brewed our first Kassiks beer in 2014 in our little home factory after a few years of homebrewing with our secret recipe, which originated from experimenting with different beer styles. In early 2015, we included innovative brewing techniques to set us apart from the many craft beers vying for your attention.

Attested by different taste palates of families and friends, we finally decided to open a brewery in this part of the world in late 2015. 

Our ever-evolving team comprises people with diverse backgrounds; however, they share a knack for enterprise and industry creativity.

All beer enthusiasts are welcome to tour our brewery for a very flavorful experience.

Lets hear it from you!

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