6 Breweries in Kenya that are worth visiting

Beer is a universal beverage. It’s refreshing and flavorful and has been around for centuries. In Kenya, beer is an integral part of the culture. There are plenty of breweries that offer delicious beers, both local and international.

6 Breweries in Kenya worth visiting:

1) The Bali Hai Brewery: offers craft beers brewed on-site by their own brewers with fresh ingredients from across Africa including bananas from Uganda or Rwanda depending on what they have available at the time.  

2) Nairobi Brewing Company – The first brewery that opened up in the city was founded by Brewmaster Chris Kieser who has been brewing beer since 1991. He has created several craft beers using local ingredients like tea leaves, honey, coffee beans, ginger roots, and more to create unique flavors for his customers to enjoy!

3) The Elephant – this brewery has been around since 1992 and was the first microbrewery in Nairobi at the time. The name comes from its location next to an elephant park where you can also view elephants walking by as they are being fed or taken out for walks during your meal break.

4) Hops Brewery – This brewery offers a variety of beers including pale ales, porters, wheat beers, and amber ales. They also have seasonal brews that go on sale during holidays like Christmas or Oktoberfest!

5) Nyali Brewery – Nyali Brewery, located on the shores of Mombasa’s beautiful Indian Ocean coastline has been producing traditional Kenyan beers as well as Western-style brews since 2010. Opening with an initial investment from twelve employees at a total cost of $300K USD (nearly four million shillings), they now employ over 1500 people across three shifts daily to produce around 4500 barrels per month which totals about 14 Million Shillings annually!