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Our beer hour occurs every Wednesday between 9-10 pm on our various social media platforms.

History Brewery

Kassiks Brew originated upon discovering our purpose in a world full of beers; to serve beer lovers an unforgettable beer. We got inspired during a beer binge journey as we toured the East Coast of the United States.

We brewed our first Kassiks beer in 2014 in our little home factory after a few years of homebrewing with our secret recipe, which originated from experimenting with different beer styles. In early 2015, we included innovative brewing techniques to set us apart from the many craft beers vying for your attention.

Reasons to Start Home Brewing

All homebrewers have the luxury of deciding what ingredients would make up their brew. You may opt to experiment with a unique beer from a particular brewery to develop your beverage.

The beer community is a large one, more so for home brewers. As you begin to produce your jars of brew, you'll discover a broad community of people.

Homebrewing is one of the most relaxing activities for a beer enthusiast. Seeing how a couple of ingredients like malted grains, yeasts, water, and hops, come together.

You came to the right place!

All beer enthusiasts are welcome to tour our brewery for a very flavorful experience.

Drink Buddies

Our ever-evolving team comprises people with diverse backgrounds; however, they share a knack for enterprise and industry creativity.

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Happy Followers

They went above and beyond. I would love to call on you again for a future home party drinks.

I would highly recommend Kassiks Brew to anyone looking for bartending services. Jim is great to work with. He’s very responsive, accommodating.

We had the best night! I went way overboard on bar stock but at least we had everything we needed and then some. Lol.